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Blue Panda Office Spaces

Today’s changing world brings a need for a flexible office space options and settings. Blue Panda Office Spaces has a range of options for all professionals. We offer:

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly rentals in private offices

  • Drop-in private spaces

  • Flexible Lease Options

  • Offices and suites decorated to order

  • Virtual Office Spaces


All of our spaces are designed with wellness and sustainability in mind. Soothing colors, décor, and lighting will assure your clients can relax and meet with you in the best frame of mind. Explore our website and see what we have to offer. Since 2015, our professional, creative team has been offering office rentals in Manhattan and Williamsburg, BK --and in Greenpoint, BK starting in 2016. We are here to help you find space or create a space you love. We pay great attention to detail, and know how crucial the little touches are. We’ll work closely with you to understand what you want, what your style is and which elements are most important to you. Schedule a consultation with us today.