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Sustainability Practices

Beautiful, sustainable, and strategically located private office spaces!

At Blue Panda Office Spaces we aim to help the planet via sustainable practices. We also give a monthly donation to the Environmental Defense Fund as we care greatly about our planet.


Within our means, we aim to contribute positively to address the negative social and environmental impact by choosing design methods, energy, materials, and other resources that will not harm the surrounding ecosystem and communities for current and future generations. Our goal is not just to prioritize sustainable energy conservation and diminish our carbon footprint, but we also care greatly about human experience and well-being. 

We always use low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting materials when purchasing carpets, adhesives, and paint.

Our locations are all within communities where users can walk, ride a bicycle, scooter, or take public transportation (a ferry or subway) with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We select biodegradable and petroleum free cleaners as well as bamboo towels and washable microfiber cloths for a true sustainable office setting.

Our coffee stations have compostable cups and eco-friendly coffee pods.

We use Nespresso machines as they utilize the precise amount of coffee, water, and energy needed to brew each cup of coffee. This reduces waste and minimizes carbon footprint. Nespresso machines turn off within 9 minutes to avoid wasting electricity.

We strive to purchase fair trade furnishings, accessories, and products as well as those that are made with responsibly sourced cotton and wood, REPREVE recycled fibers. When possible, we reupholster furniture we love, and buy pre-owned.

Since all of our suites offer shared spaces, there is cost-sharing which reduces environmental impact.

We use LED lights throughout our suites, unplug electronics when not in use, and use control apps so that energy is conserved.

We believe in and aim to incorporate biophilic design elements in our suites as these have shown to reduce stress, increase cognitive performance, improve healing, and positively affect emotion, mood, and preference (Browning et al., 2014).

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