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Virtual Office Solutions

Blue Panda Office Spaces offers a professional and cost-effective virtual office solution that caters to the needs of both U.S. and foreign businesses and sole practitioners.


Our virtual office solutions have been instrumental in helping businesses and sole practitioners achieve success, regardless of their location. We invite you to join our community and experience the benefits of our virtual office solutions firsthand.

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Blue Panda Office Spaces

Why you need a virtual office....​

  • A virtual office increases your opportunity to operate from any where in the world while maintaining a high level of professionalism

  • Gain a commercial mailing address for your business

  • Receive and manage mail efficiently, either by picking it up or opting for mail forwarding

  • Utilize our commercial address to register your company or professional licenses

  • Access our hourly, full-time and part-time office rentals

  • Consult with our in-house attorney on business matters

  • Enhance your professional/business visibility by having your practice or professional name listed in the suite directory

  • Boost online presence by registering your company on Google

  • If you are an international business which needs to establish a U.S. presence, we are happy to assist and to work with your unique needs!

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Service Tiers

Tier 1

Listing the Blue Panda Office Spaces address in NY or Miami as the business/company address.

Hourly office rental privileges for meetings or consultations.

Tier 2

Mail handling services with the option to pick up your mail, or have us either scan it or forwarded for an additional fee. 

Hourly office rental privileges for meetings or consultations.

Tier 3

Ideal for Local and International Companies including Startups as well as  Virtual Psychiatrists, & Nurse Practitioners

​Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits. 
License/Company registration using Blue Panda's commercial address.

Hourly office rental privileges for meetings or consultations.

Add-On Services

Suite Directory Listing
$80 per month

Get your professional or company name listed on our suite directory. This service also includes one hour of office rental per month, available on weekends with prior reservation.

Weekly Postal Mail Forwarding
$70 per month + postage

Receive your postal mail once every week. This convenient service ensures your mail is forwarded to you regularly, keeping you up to date with all your correspondence.

​Monthly Postal Mail Forwarding
$45 per month + postage

Opt for our monthly mail forwarding service to have your postal mail sent to you once per month. This service is designed for those who prefer a less frequent update.

One-Time Postal Mail Forwarding
$30 + postage

Choose this service for a single, one-time forwarding of your postal mail. Note that this option does not include package. forwarding.

Mail Scanning Services
$1 per page

Have your mail scanned and sent to you electronically once per month. This service includes the scanning of the envelope and each page within, providing a digital copy for easy access.

Package Receiving
and Storing
$150 per month

Suitable for small to medium packages, we offer receiving and storage services for items up to 40 lbs. Stored for up to 10 days, this service is ideal for those without the capacity to receive packages directly.

2-Hour Office Rental

Specifically designed for Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists, this service provides a private office space for two hours per month, requiring reservation one week in advance.

4-Hour Office Rental

Ideal for Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists needing more extended time, this option offers four hours of office space per month, also requiring a one-week prior reservation.

Google Registration

Enhance your online presence with our Google registration service, available to those renting our offices part-time. Boost your business visibility and searchability with ease.

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