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Blue Panda Office Spaces

Modern, private, serene, strategically located, flexible-lease offices and wellness rooms, and virtual office solutions.

We Serve: 

  • Startups, design professionals, attorneys 

  • Mental Health Professionals: psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling, coaches 

  • Wellness Providers: massage therapists, acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, physical therapists

  • Anyone looking for modern, serene, beautiful office spaces!

Virtual Office Services

  • Gain a prestigious business address to enhance your company's image

  • Receive and manage mail efficiently, either by picking it up or opting for mail forwarding.

  • Obtain access to hourly office rentals

  • Enhance visibility by having your practice or professional name listed in the suite directory.

  • Boost online presence by having your company registered on Google

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The Heart of Blue Panda

Dr. Paula A. Madrid


Dr. Paula Madrid is the founder of Blue Panda Office Spaces, seamlessly blends her expertise as a psychologist and interior decorator, driven by her passion for design and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Harry Rogel


Harry is our operations specialist. He is a versatile troubleshooter with a knack for fixing things skillfully and efficiently, known for his kindness, hardworking nature, and unwavering dedication to his work.



Chelsea serves as the dedicated administrative assistant at Blue Panda Office Spaces, where her organizational prowess and keen attention to detail ensure seamless daily operations.

anabella blue panda office spaces _edite


Anabella Madrid, our passionate sustainability consultant, holds a bachelor's degree in sustainability and is pursuing a master's degree in marine conservation. Her expert guidance ensures the enforcement of sustainable practices, driving our mission towards carbon neutrality.

damaris blue panda _edited.jpg


Damaris Garcia a former lawyer from Central America, brings a meticulous approach to her role in our housekeeping team. She ensures our spaces are not only spotless but also maintained using environmentally friendly and resource-efficient practices.



Along with Harry's pup, Cedric is Blue Panda's mascot. He is a mini goldendootle who has three loves: food, people, and play! 

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